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Refund Policy

You can request for a refund of any fees paid subject to the following:

For products/services that require us to dispatch courseware to you, the first lot of the courseware will be dispatched within 15 days of successful completion of the transaction or by the stated course-start date, whichever is later.

For all products that are bought and/or paid for on this site, the following policy is applicable for a refund of the fee that you pay for the product/service. This refund policy is applicable ONLY for products/services purchased online on clatutor.com and NOT for any classroom programmes or correspondence courses or test series or web-based products for which the fee payment has been made at any CLATutor office.

Refund in case of incorrect purchase: Programs purchased will not be refunded or changed to another program on grounds of incorrect selection at the time of purchase.

Refund in case of server error: In case the same program is purchased twice due to some server error, the following refund rules will apply – If the learner informs us within 7 days, a full refund would be done thereafter he/she would be provided with a credit note, which is 10% more than the purchase value.

No Refund: For any of the classroom programs we don’t offer any Refund

In all cases where you make a refund request, the request has to come to us given below:

In the form of an email sent by you from the SAME email address which was submitted by you to us at the time of registration for the product/service
If such communication is received by us after the first set of material has been dispatched (for products/ services that require us to dispatch material to you) or if you have accessed any part of the services online (for products /services that only offer online access), no refund would be allowed.

All communication in this regard should be addressed to hello@clatutor.com The processing will normally take five working days and the amount(s) will be refunded within 30 working days after that.

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