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Life At NLSIU By Chitwan Sharma


Life at NLSIU

When you hear about law school (NLSIU) for the first time as a CLAT Aspirant, it sounds too fancy. You will hear about their star alumni, the high paying corporate law firm jobs, foreign university admissions and so many other things. It is probably just human to imagine something you want, to be much more beautiful when you don’t have it.

Well I had heard the same things as you did. And I was pretty excited about joining NLSIU. Getting to know different people, different places and most importantly having an independent life. And what a roller coaster ride it turned out to be. In my five years at law school, I have had a very diverse experience. From trimesters full of focused studying to trimesters full of skipping exams to party, I have tried to experience as much as I could. And yet, there’s always something left to experience.

NLSIU gives you the freedom to grow. It gives you the chance to do anything you want. My favourite has always been “just 4 hours of classes.” It’s not just about the faculty, it is also about the people that you are surrounded by. Some of these are really good minds who put in hours of hard work into every submission they make. They inspire you every single time.

Like life there are stressful times in college too. And the most daunting is the first trimester of college. When you come to the university as a 18 year old school student, it feels exhausting to adapt to this change. A change that requires you to work harder every day, much more than you did in school. A change that takes a heavy toll on your head, much more than your boards did. And you are just alone on this boat ride, trying to figure it out. While at that time, it may seem daunting, it is all worth it when you finally see yourself upgrade to a higher self.

However, I don’t want you to think law school is only about academics. Please do note that my fresher’s night party was lit till 5 AM in the morning. And NLSIU does not hold back on partying. Strawberry Fields, our very own music festival, New Year’s Parties, Event Parties are just a few scheduled parties throughout the year.

Like any other university, your five years at law school is a valuable experience. An experience that shapes you not just as a lawyer, but also as a human being. An experience that despite its twists and turns will always be worth it for me. It is upto you, how you live your life in NLSIU.

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