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CLAT Journey by Nitai H

Nitai Hinduja

My Law Entrance Experience. For many persons the decision to take up Law as a career comes late on after the Eleventh or during the Twelfth grade, however, interestingly I was convinced that Law is the subject I wanted to study as soon as I entered the Tenth Grade. As a Law aspirant, by nature the of the Subject being something beyond the conventional spheres of Higher Education in India, one is constantly asked the question, ‘Why Law?’. You may think that as I had decided to pursue this field relatively early on, I would have a stellar answer to that question. However, the truth is that whenever posed said question I was always scrambling for an apt answer. Looking back I find this pretty interesting for one never asks this question to an aspiring Engineer or Doctor, however nonetheless in my case there was never a straightforward answer to that question, it was merely the strife to pursue something unconventional and more so something that I found plainly interesting. 

My preparation for various Law entrance exams started in the Eleventh Grade with me constantly attending classes at my Coaching Centre, and initially, such classes were my only connection to my preparation. Herein I find the inherent value of joining a two-year coaching program, for in the Eleventh grade one is generally not inclined towards absolutely focusing towards Law entrance preparation and more often than not those hours spent at the coaching centre with the constant aid and advice of the faculty serves as your only link towards achieving your goals, and at this juncture, I would like to extend my gratitude toward the faculty at my coaching centre for ensuring said connection and for not allowing a drop in enthusiasm and commitment.

My second year of preparation took an entirely different approach, for it was one that focussed solely on the setting and achievement of benchmarks. At this point, my school studies took a backseat for one realises that said studies play only a minor role in achieving one dream Law college. During this period of preparation, I kept on construing benchmarks that I ought to achieve in terms of mock scores and hours studied and it is my opinion that said benchmarks were pivotal in maintaining my motivation. It was at this time that I began to constantly take mock tests so as to ensure that I would not be unprepared for any uncertainty that may arise during the exam. It was these above-mentioned facets, along with the constant encouragement of the faculty at Clatutor that helped me through the various delays and in the end aided me in achieving the Law school of my choice.

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