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Life in NLS Bangalore

Divya Garg

Life at NLSIU is a mixed bag of enriching experiences, enduring friendships and exhausting deadlines. We wake up every day early in the morning ready to start our classes at 8:50 AM. The classes go on until 1:30 PM, after which the campus is alive with many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. One may find people practising debates, singing, playing basketballs or just chilling at Chetta (the campus eatery). While most people will whine about the endless deadlines, there will be many who will amaze you with their superhuman work ethic. Every now and then, your next-door neighbour in the hostel will do something exceptionally good and you will secretly remain in awe of the chap you are used to seeing in pyjamas all day. Overall, 5 years at NLS will teach you to be a better person, not just academically but also in ways that you will only fathom once you are out of that place.

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